Flexx Handlebar Topics

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Will the Fasst Flexx Handlebar System work with steering dampers?

Yes, the Flexx Handlebar System will work with steering stabilizers from all manufactures. To be able to use an over the bar stabilizer with Flexx Handlebars you need to replace the straight crossbars with steering damper crossbars. For new orders your bars can be built with damper crossbars at no extra charge. If you are an existing Flexx Handlebar rider and need to order damper crossbars please call us for help or order in our store.


What handguard options do you have for the Fasst Flexx Handlebar System?

There are several handguard options available. We offer our Simple Solution Handguard which is an external mount that bolts to the pivot pin and allows you to use most brands of wrap around handguards. Cycra has also built a handguard that bolts directly onto the Flexx Handlebar. The Cycra Pro Bend for Flexx Handlebars is the simplest way to mount handguards on Fasst Flexx Handlebars. Check out our Technical help page for tips!


Do any other handguard systems work on Fasst Flexx Handlebars?

Fasst Flexx Handlebars will accept any handle mounted "flag" or roost deflection guard given you have enough handle room. Most Flexx Handlebar riders have plenty of room as Flexx Handlebars offer 9" of handle room while a traditional bar only offers 8". Handguards that mount off the bar mount or triple clamp will also work with Fasst Flexx Handlebars if set up so the handguard will pivot on a shoulder bolt. Please email or call if you have further handguard mount questions, or visit our Technical help page for more tips!


Which bend is similar to....?

See our Bend Chart for a large listing of comparisons.


How often do they need serviced?

Fasst Flexx Handlebars purchased after July 2010 are maintenance free.If you purchased Flexx Handlebars after July 2010, you do not need to service your bars at all. The current generation of Flexx Handlebars utilize a fiber bushing to prevent the need for any service or maintenance. To check to make sure you have the newer version, quickly remove your crossbars and look for the bushing encompassing the pivot pin. Flexx Handlebars pre-July 2010 require regular maintenance. If you're like most people and use a pressure washer to clean your bike or ATV regularly, the Flexx Handlebar pivot pins should routinely checked for proper articulation and serviced if needed. We also offer a free service through our Factory Freshprogram. (hyperlink to Factory Fresh info on service page.) Also note, lack of maintenance to the pivot is not a cause for warranty.


Why doesn't Fasst Company install a zerk fitting on Flexx Handlebars?

The 2011 Flexx Handlebar does not require any lubriant at the pivot point. For previous generation Flexx Handlebars we elected not to install a zerk being that our most important task is providing you a product that has proper structural integrity. By drilling and tapping a hole in the handle area for a zerk fitting stress riser are created. Stress riser can lead to premature failure. We will not take the risk of installing a zerk fitting at the pivot point. Through our manufacturing process we go to great lengths to minimize or eliminate stress risers.

Anti-Vibration Inserts Topics

Will the Anti-Vibration Inserts work with hand guards?

The Anti-Vibration Inserts come with adapters that will accommodate both aluminum bark-busters and rally style hand guards. The adapters are included with the inserts for the same price.


Will the Anti-Vibration Inserts work on OEM steel bars?

No. Fasst Company’s Anti-Vibration Bar Inserts were designed to work with aluminum bars that have a smaller ID than steel bars.


Spoke Wrench Topics

Which Spoke Torque Wrench do I need, the Pre-Set or Adjustable?

Fasst Company offers two spoke torque wrenches, a Pre-set and an Adjustable. Our Pre-set Spoke Torque Wrench has been the choice of factory mechanics since 1999, while our Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench is the choice of wheel builders world wide. For riders with one bike or bikes from 80cc on up our Pre-Set Spoke Torque Wrench is a great choice. For riders maintaining many different sizes of bikes for example a CRF 50 and a CRF 450 we recommend using our adjustable wrench as bikes with such a disparity in size require different torques.

The Pre-set wrench torque can be set by Fasst Company anywhere between 10 and 100 inch pounds. We recommend 48 inch pounds for most applications as this torque is not abusive to the motorcycles components (from 80cc on up) and will not rapidly loosen. If you have a Pre-set Wrench and would like to adjust the torque please call us and we will walk you through what needs to be done. You can also send it back to us and we will recalibrate it for you.


My manual calls for a different torque than 48 inch pounds?

Most OEM manuals call out between 25 and 30 inch pounds for spoke torque. Through our extensive testing we found this to be to light of a torque to adequately hold up to the demands put on your wheels. We send out over 99% of our wrenches out at 48 inch pounds. This torque is not abusive to the components on most bikes (from 80cc motocross bikes on up) and will not rapidly loosen up on you either.


What is the difference between the Fasst Company Spoke Torque Wrench and the competition?

Fasst Company’s Spoke Torque Wrench is the original Spoke Torque Wrench, we brought it to market in 1999 with the help of Factory Mechanic Mike Gosselaar. Both of Fasst Company’s Spoke Torque Wrenches are 100% AMERICAN MADE, unlike our competitions which are manufactured overseas. They are also the only Spoke Torque Wrenches that come with a Lifetime Warranty. We also offer our Lifetime Warranty on our spoke wrench heads as well.