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Flexx E MTB

The Flexx Enduro E, taming the trail up and downhill...

Flexx Enduro E built for the varying demands of your E-mtb, designed specifically to compliment the flow and speed of an E ride.  The limiting factor of many E-mtb rides are often hands/wrists/arms/elbow/shoulder issues as you are pedal more miles often more intensely.  Flexx MTB Handlebars minimize those issues so you can ride the way you'd like.

Flexx Handlebars are precise in the steering path, yet absorbent in the load path of the suspension, yielding un-compromised control and abuse reduction. Flexx Handlebars provide the feedback of a traditional bar you need for proper control while taking the edge off of the abuse. Since you do not have to steer through the abuse reduction mechanism control is not diminished. The Flexx Enduro E provides incredible small bump compliance, while comforting on catastrophic impacts.  

By small bump compliance we are speaking to the irritating high frequency chatter, chop and bumps that are to small for your fork to absorb. Before the suspension starts to work the bars are absorbing the abuse, smoothing out the trail. When the suspension is bottomed out the bars comfort on catastrophic impacts, spreading the load over a greater period of time.  In between the small bump compliance and bottoming the bars are undetectable, tracking along with the suspension, taking the edge off of your hands, for a dramatically improved ride.

The Enduro E utilizes an aluminum center section that provides better structural integrity and performance by better restraining the pivot points, forcing all loads directly through them.   We paired the slightly more rigid center section with E tuned elastomers that are specifically built for the speed, mass and flow of riding an Emtb.  

Flexx Enduro E are tunable to your preferences through different compression and rebound elastomers, you control how soft or stiff the bar is. 

30 Day “Ride it, Believe it” Money Back Guarantee! Ride Flexx MTB Handlebars for 30 days, if you’re not stoked on their performance ship them back to us for a refund. Learn more.

Flexx Handlebars are made in the USA, using carbon fiber, 7075 aluminum and titanium.  With the help of Rock West Composites our Uni Directional tubing has been optimized for strength and stiffness, to be sure all of the abuse is transferred to the aluminum pivot point.  Built from 7075, the pivot point is the back bone of our superior abuse reduction, providing rigidity to channel the abuse through the elastomers. Titanium pivot pins and hardware mate the components together and retain the elastomers, completing the bar. 


Tech Specs

Rise: 25mm

Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm

Weight: 440 grams

Width: 800mm

Upsweep: 5*

Back sweep: 8* and 12*

Materials: American Made UD carbon, 7075 Aluminum, Ti-6Al-4V

Effective suspension travel: 5*, length of bar dictates overall travel. 

Elastomer included: E tuned Soft, medium, hard compression and rebound.  


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