Adventure Bar Bends

Flexx Handlebar ADV Bend Charts

Near the bottom of the page there's a complete cross reference list of OEM offerings. Please email or call us if you don’t see the bend cross reference you are looking for or you need help choosing the correct bend, we're happy to help!


Model (A) Sweep (C) Width (D) Height Comparable Flexx Handlebar
CR High 62mm 795mm 95mm 15° Moto Std
RC 54mm 802mm 99mm 12° Moto Std
RC High 54mm 802mm 119mm  12° Moto High
Pastrana FMX 55mm 800mm 121mm 12° Moto High
Husqvarna 501/701 (Stock Bar) 40mm 812mm 95mm 10° Adventure Std
Africa Twin (Stock Bar) 80mm 812mm 121mm 19° Adventure High
Ktm 790/890/990/1090/1190/1290 (Stock Bar) 80mm 812mm 105mm 19° Adventure High
BMW 800/1200 (Stock Bar) 85mm 790mm 105mm 19° Enduro High
Ktm 690 (Stock Bar) 40mm 810mm 95mm 10° Adventure Std

A. Sweep
Shown in degrees/millimeters

B. Mid Section
Enduro and Adventure bars have a 7.25" center section.

C. Overall Width
Measured from handle end to handle end.

D. Height
Measured in millimeters. We have three heights, 68mm, 92mm and 116mm.


            • Our Adventure bar provides plenty of room to mount all your controls and accessories. Adventure bends offer 10"(254mm) of handle room.
            • Damper Crossbars will accommodate over the bar steering dampers. Damper Crossbars can be added to any Flexx Handlebar. Submount dampers do not require use of damper crossbars.
            • Flexx Handlebar can be used with enduro computers, trip computers, GPS, steering dampers, roll charts, etc., etc. We offer a dash in our store section that will easily accommodate most GPS. 

Handlebar Bend Options

12 Degree Bends (A) Sweep (C) Width (D) Height Part Number
12° Enduro Low
12° / 54mm
31.25in/793mm 68mm FL-1000-12-31
12° Enduro Std 12° / 54mm 31in/787mm 92mm FL-1001-12-31
12° Enduro High 12° / 54mm 31in/787mm 116mm FL-1003-12-31
12° Moto Low
12° / 54mm
32.25in/819mm 68mm
12° Moto Std
12° / 54mm
32in/813mm 92mm
12° Moto High
12° / 54mm
32in/813mm 116mm FL-1003-12-32
12° Adventure Low
12° / 54mm
33.25in/844mm 68mm FL-1001-12-32.5
12° Adventure Std 12° / 54mm 33in/838mm 92mm FL-1001-12-32.5
12° Adventure  12° / 54mm 33in/838mm 116mm FL-1004-12-32.5
14 Degree Bends (A) Sweep (C) Width (D) Height Part Number
14° Enduro Low
14° / 57mm
31in/787mm 68mm FL-1000-14-31
14° Enduro Std 14° / 57mm 30.9in/786mm 92mm FL-1001-14-31
14° Enduro High 14° / 57mm 30.9in/786mm 116mm FL-1003-14-31
14° Moto Low
14° / 57mm
32in/813mm 68mm FL-1000-14-32
14° Moto Std
14° / 57mm
31.8in/808mm 92mm FL-1001-14-32
14° Moto High
14° / 57mm
31.8in/808mm 116mm FL-1003-14-32
14° Adventure Low
14° / 57mm
33in/838mm 68mm FL-1000-14-32.5
14° Adventure Std 14° / 57mm 32.8in/833mm 92mm FL-1001-14-32.5
14° Adventure High 14° / 57mm 32.8in/833mm 116mm FL-1004-14-32.5
15 Degree Bends (A) Sweep (C) Width (D) Height Part Number
15° Enduro Low
15° / 62mm
30.9in/785mm 68mm FL-1000-15-31
15° Enduro Std 15° / 62mm 30.8in/783mm 92mm FL-1001-15-31
15º Enduro High 15° / 62mm 30.8in/783mm 116mm FL-1003-15-31
15° Moto Low 15° / 62mm 32in/813mm 68mm FL-1000-15-32
15° Moto Std
15° / 62mm
31.8in/808mm 92mm FL-1001-15-32
15° Moto High
15° / 62mm
31.8in/808mm 116mm FL-1003-15-32
15° Adventure Low
15° / 62mm
33.18in/843mm 68mm FL-100015-32.5
15° Adventure Std 15° / 62mm 32.8in/833mm 92mm FL-1001-15-32.5
15° Adventure High 15° / 62mm 32.5in/833mm 116mm FL-1004-15-32.5
19 Degree Bends (A) Sweep (C) Width (D) Height  Part Number
19° Enduro Low
19° / 80mm
30.5in/775mm 68mm FL-1000-19-31
19° Enduro Std 19° / 80mm 30.3in/770mm 92mm FL-1001-19-31
19° Enduro High
19° / 80mm
30.3in/770mm 116mm FL-1003-19-31
19° Moto Low
19° / 80mm
31.5inmm/800mm 68mm FL-1000-19-32
19° Moto Std
19° / 80mm
31.3in/795mm 92mm FL-1001-19-32
19° Moto High
19° / 80mm
31.3in/795mm 116mm FL-1003-19-32
19° Adventure/Super Tenere Low
19° / 80mm
 32.5in/825mm 68mm FL-1000-19-32.5
19° Adventure/Super Tenere Std
19° / 80mm
32.3in/820mm 92mm FL-1001-19-32.5
19° Adventure/Super Tenere High 19° / 80mm 32.5in/820mm 116mm FL-1004-19-32.5

OEM Cross Reference

Manufacturer / Model Comparable Flexx Handlebar Notes
800/1200 19° Enduro High Our 19° Enduro or 19° Enduro High usually work best on the BMW.
Africa Twin 19° Adventure High Our 15° and 19° Adventure Bends work best on the AT
KTM 1090/1190/1290 19° Adventure High



KTM 690/Husq 701 10° Adventure Std.


We recommend our Adventure bars on the 690/701 as it offers more control mounting room.