What are Flexx Handlebars made out of?

The alloy bar is made from 7075 Aluminum with Ti-6Al-4V hardware mating it all together. The carbon bar has a 7075 Aluminum center section with ethically produced American Made UD carbon handles, tied together with Ti-6Al-4V hardware.

Where are Flexx Handlebars made at?

They’re made in the United States, particularly Southern Utah, where chunky terrain provides the ideal R&D location! Manufacturing in the US allows for better quality control. 


How do I position the bars in the clamps?

The bars need to be ran parallel to the front fork for the best performance. You've obviously got a little bit of wiggle room to roll the bar forward or back, but if you roll the bar drastically you're no longer benefiting from the movement built into the Flexx Bar, you're utilizing material flex. If you roll the bar drastically forward or back to the point where the elastomers aren't taking any of the load, then you're flexing the bar "out of phase" and not getting any real benefits of the Flexx Bar at that point. Run the bar as close to the plane of the front suspension (or fork) as possible. To read more on our philosophy on abuse reduction, click HERE

How much does the Flexx Handlebar weigh?

At 800mm wide the carbon bar is 450g, the alloy bar is 550g. 


I ride an E Bike, what bar should I run? 

See our menu page for Ebike options

Please also CLICK HERE for more specific fitment details. 


Is there a warranty?

There is. We offer a Craftsmanship Warranty and a Crash Damage Warranty. The Craftsmanship Warranty covers defects in material or craftsmanship for 5 years from the purchase date. The Damage Warranty is a 50% off retail warranty to the original purchaser for the lifetime of the product

Are the bars tunable?

Yes, completely tunable. You control how soft or stiff the bar is and it only takes a minute to change the elastomers. If you’re an aggressive sender you’ll likely prefer a stiffer elastomer combination and if you’re a more mild rider you might appreciate something a little softer. Read more on fine tuning the bar HERE.

Do you feel the bars move?

Yes and no. The movement of the bar is in the plane of your front suspension so you FEEL them in terms of the front fork tracking better and more front end confidence. But you don’t FEEL them in terms of the bar moving all around like a wet noodle. It’s more in what you don’t feel, you notice less trail chatter and vibration without sacrificing control. Think subtle, but amazing. 

Can I return them if I don’t like them?

You can, but the likelihood that you will is extremely slim. We offer a 30 Day “Ride it, Believe it” Money Back Guarantee! Ride Flexx MTB Handlebars for 30 days, if you’re not stoked on their performance ship them back to us for a full refund. Read more HERE.