Flexx Handlebars installed on a BMW 1200 GS LC

Flexx Handlebars installed on a BMW 1200 GS LC

We've had a lot of requests for a Flexx Handlebar set up for the Liquid Cooled (LC) BMW GS/GSA 1200.  With the LC coming with 1 1/4" bars and mounts this was not easy to accommodate. Fortunately Rox stepped up and built a 1 1/4" to 1 1/8" block riser adapter that allowed us to mount Flexx Handlebars on the LC.  The Rox block riser also raised the bars about an inch, which most riders we've spoken with preferred. We're working on the final Flexx Handlebar installation instructions, but compared to the previous generation GSA the installation it is quite standard.   

Per this rider's ergonomic needs and riding preferences we chose to use our 19* Adventure bend. The 19* Adventure bend put the rider in a more comfortable and powerful position, slightly opening the ergos and better squaring up the rider with the bar.  We configured the 19* Adventure bar to work great for a road base adventure rider, aggressive enough that it works well in the twisties, dirt and standing up but not so straight that it's uncomfortable when slogging it out on the highway.  

For this rider's preferences we chose to install a blue compression elastomer (soft,) with a yellow rebound rebound elsatomer (medium) to pick up the high frequency abuse like hwy bumps, road chop, stutters and dirt road washboard. 

To say this rider was stoked on the ergos and abuse reduction would be an understatement.  This rider called and was literally howling about how well the bars worked, noticing less vibration, and how much more powerful the ergos felt.  


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