Simple Solution Hand Guard for Flexx Handlebars
Simple Solution Hand Guard for Flexx Handlebars
Simple Solution Hand Guard for Flexx Handlebars

Simple Solution Hand Guard for Flexx Handlebars

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Simple Solution Handguards for Flexx Handlebars

Our next gen in-house, no hassle, easy bolt-on hand guard solution for Flexx Handlebars is here.

***Get a 20% discount off our handguards when purchased with a set of Flexx bars(discount automatically applied at checkout)***  Only available for online orders

The Simple Solution guard is manufactured for us by Enduro Engineering, with the same quality and construction found in their own line of guards.

Fasst Company’s Simple Solution hand guard for Flexx Handlebars allows easy mounting, with maximum strength. Spec’d just as we run our own hand guards, utilizing a threaded anchor to fasten the guard to the handle, with a 10mm button head bolt and stay to secure the guard to the pivot pin. Our hardware prevents snagging, solidly mounting the guards to your Flexx Handlebars, eliminating the ability for the guard to slip out of location.

Available with white, black, orange, blue or red shields.


Enduro/Moto bend requires the Enduro/Moto bend option.  

Adventure bend bars require the Adventure bend hand guard.  

Riders that are using our Adventure bend bars with the addition of a bar end weight/cap need our Super T application.   

For additional vibration reduction try the Simple Solution guards with Threaded Anti-Vibration Anchors.  


  1. Mounted securely

    Threaded inserts firmly attached the hand guard on both ends

  1. Plastic shield included

    Strong and proven plastic shields come with the kit and are available in black, white, orange, red or blue

  1. Quick and painless

    The Simple Solution Handguard is a product exclusively designed for our Flexx Handlbars making the installation process hassle-free.


What's in the box

  1. Simple Solution hand guard
  2. Deflector shield
  3. 10mm button head bolt with stainless steel stay
  4. Threaded bar insert with tap

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